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Wondering Why You or A Senior Loved One Always Feel Cold?

14 February 2024

Assisted Living & Memory Care in Ellijay GA  
Wondering Why You or A Senior Loved One Always Feel Cold? - Ellijay, GA

As you get older, you might notice you’re reaching for sweaters more often, shivering even when you think you should be warm, or maybe turning up the thermostat often. Is it really getting that much colder every year, or is it something else?

As we get older, we often feel colder at temperatures we were once comfortable with. There are a few causes of this, including thinning skin, slower blood circulation, or even side effects of medication. Age isn’t the only cause of feeling colder, though; it can also be related to several medical conditions such as anemia or even diabetes. It can even be your own residence, contributing to the problem. With the rising costs of heating and other bills, many seniors find they’d rather wear a sweater and be a little cold rather than turn the heat to a comfortable temperature. But this can risk hypothermia or other temperature-related issues and lead to other problems.

Assisted living is an option to consider if any of this sounds familiar. Being in a community like Manor Lake Ellijay Assisted Living and Memory Care here in Ellijay, GA gives you the option of being surrounded by a caring team that can help with medical concerns and daily needs. And, you get to avoid most utility fees, so you can dial up that heat and be as comfortable as possible!

Why Do Seniors Always Feel Cold?

There are several common reasons that can make you feel cold as you get older. As we age, our skin naturally thins, along with the layer of fat underneath it, and we even lose muscle mass. By having less of a natural barrier against the air, it’s no surprise you might be feeling more of a chill.

Along with this natural thinning, our metabolism naturally changes as well. Metabolism breaks down nutrients from the food and drink we consume and breaks them down into energy, which helps the body regulate its own temperature. As the metabolism slows, your body receives less of the energy it needs to maintain its heat, which can contribute to the cold you might be feeling.

Another common cause of feeling cold so often is related to blood circulation. Problems with blood pressure and blood circulation are common as we age, and a decrease in either can lead to you feeling colder in your extremities as blood works harder to get to them.

If you’ve recently noticed you’re less physically active than before, this can be a contributing factor to feeling cold all the time. As we get older, it’s common to stop doing some of the more physical things we’ve done for most of our lives. But if you’ve recently slowed down your physical activities, this could be directly related. Since daily physical exercise helps build and maintain muscle mass and helps with blood circulation and blood pressure problems, it could take something as simple as moving around more often to help.

Can Medical Issues Cause You to Feel Cold?

There are many medical conditions that can cause you to feel cold all the time. Some of the more common conditions known to cause this include:

  • Anemia

  • Diabetes

  • Thyroid disease

  • Kidney disease

  • Vitamin deficiency

While these aren’t the only causes, they are some of the more common ones. If you’ve recently noticed that you feel cold more often, or you’re struggling with any symptoms caused by this, it’s extremely important to speak with a doctor. If you’re on any medication to treat one of these conditions, it could be causing the unfortunate side effect of making you feel colder.

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