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Simple Thoughts for Celebrating Easter with Your Loved One

13 March 2024

Assisted Living & Memory Care in Ellijay GA  
Simple Thoughts for Celebrating Easter with Your Loved One - Ellijay, GA

Many of you are already thinking of ways to make this Easter special for your loved one here within our Manor Lake Ellijay senior living or memory care community. We’re here today to comfort you by suggesting that you don’t overthink this. Spending time with your loved ones is far and away the best gift that you can offer. the best part of celebrating the holidays and everyone appreciates feeling loved. Read on to learn more about how to celebrate this Easter with your senior assisted living or memory care loved one.

Easter is a holiday celebrated by many in various ways. People of all ages spend time with their families, engaging in festive activities such as having feasts, going on egg hunts, or making crafts. However, some of these activities are not suitable for certain family members – our aging parents. When planning such activities, we should always be mindful of their health and physical conditions, but this does not mean we have to compromise on the fun of the activities.

With Easter around the corner, we have put together this list of ideas for an enjoyable Easter celebration with aging parents.

Paint Easter Eggs

What is Easter without decorated eggs? A common craft activity during the season, it is easy to do and older adults are sure to enjoy painting them. Prepare some hard-boiled eggs and art supplies such as watercolor paint, markers, stickers. You can even throw in a challenge and make it a competition amongst the family for the best design!

Make Easter Cards

Let your loved one get creative by designing their own Easter cards. It may also give them a sense of purpose by bringing joy to friends and family through gifting their handmade cards this festive season. They will need colored paper, colored pencils, glitter, scissors, and other relevant materials. Once the cards are done, you can help mail them out to their recipients. Else, if your family is having an Easter family event, your loved one can pass it to the recipients personally.

Easter Bingo

Many older adults love playing bingo. Give it a twist with Easter or spring-themed bingo for your loved one. You can find such themed bingo boards online. Alternatively, you can let your loved one decorate plain bingo cards with Easter stickers and drawings as well as spring colors.

Family Brunch

As people grow older, they tend to value and enjoy time with their loved ones more. Holidays are an excellent opportunity to get the family together. Organize a small Easter brunch or afternoon tea where family and friends can get together and bond over food and games. Your parents will enjoy the laughter and company.

Attend Church Service

If your parents are Christian, you can celebrate the occasion by going to church together with them. Easter Sunday and Good Friday services are usually offered several times throughout the day. Some seniors enjoy listening and singing to hymns and hearing the sermons. Sharing a spiritual moment with your parents is a good way to bond with them as well.

Safety Considerations

As many older adults suffer from a range of health conditions such as poor eyesight, shaky hands, or stiff joints, we are recommending the above activities that are deemed safe for people in that age group. However, as every person’s condition differs, it is imperative that for the craft activities, you monitor the situation closely or alter the activities accordingly as you deem fit. We hope that your loved ones will enjoy the activities and have a great Easter!

Manor Lake Assisted Living and Memory Care is a world-class living and care experience. You and your cherished family member will superb living, medical, and social opportunities. Rest assured your loved one will enjoy our community’s special focus on the Easter Holiday. But it’s not just Easter when our cherished residents wake up feeling excited for the new day. They take part in a full schedule of fun activities daily, whether it is Easter, St Patty’s Day, or just another Wednesday to celebrate life. Feel free to contact us for more information.